The DRJY Team

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The DRJY Team

Everyone works as a united team in the clinic. We uphold the same values and goals for all our patients and fulfill our responsibilities from differing angles.

Working alongside our esteemed specialist, we have our patients’ relations manager, customer service representative and therapists.

Each of our staff fulfill a different role. We consistently innovate and brainstorm on ideas to improve our patient’s experience in the clinic.

Patients’ Relations Manager

Our patients’ relations manager takes responsibility over all patients’ records. With a huge commitment in ensuring the best for our patients, she constantly plans and schedules consultations, treatments and follow-up appointments.

Hand-in-hand with our specialist, she actively tracks patients’ progress to align their priorities with their treatment plans.

Dr. Jonathan Yong and his Team 2
Customer Service Representative

Providing a seamless experience, our customer service officer ensures top-notch service for all our patients. She studies and analyzes our daily schedules and allocates private waiting rooms for all visiting patients.

Preparing light refreshments ahead of time with personalized name tags, she actively attends to everyone that walks-in to the clinic. We keep waiting time short to maximize our clients’ time with us.

We pride ourselves on creating an open space and comfortable environment.

Dr. Jonathan Yong and his Team 2

They are known as the Dr’s right hand man!

With a skilful and experienced set of hands, our therapists have vast knowledge on all our available treatment options in our clinic.

With professional training and upscaling, they are responsible for therapists’ treatments like facials, stubborn fat removal and muscle sculpting.

They operate independently and sometimes weigh in during Dr’s treatments to aid with pain relief and assistance.

Despite the constant evolution in aesthetic medicine, they possess a positive learning attitude and are earnest and meticulous with their work.

Dr. Jonathan Yong and his Team 2

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