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Beauty isn’t skin deep, but sometimes our outsides don’t match our insides. We could feel energetic and youthful, but to others, our faces look tired and drawn. A visit to Dr Yong could make that small difference that can change a person’s total well-being. With the evolution of medical technology and advancement of aesthetic treatments, we now have more choices than ever to make that subtle transformation that makes a big change to our life. 

Dr Jonathan Yong

About Dr Jonathan Yong

Dr Jonathan Yong graduated with medical degrees from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the National University of Ireland.

years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine

The Dr Jon Yong Method

Not everything suits everyone. We all have our own preferences, values and goals. Aligning our vision with your goals is our method.

At Dr Jon Yong Aesthetic Clinic, we do it on a ‘Prescription Only’ basis. Factors like your lifestyle, age, goals are considered before we schedule your treatment plan according to what you need.


Our customer service officer or patients relations manager will get in touch to know more about your concerns before setting an appointment for you.

This helps us to understand and prepare beforehand so that every staff is clear on the next steps moving forward with you

Patient Undergoing Laser Treatment
Meet the Doctor

A consultation will be scheduled with our specialist for an in-depth review of your skin / body / hair type [whichever concerns]. This is the stage where we take into consideration the important factors for the doctor to prescribe the suitable course of treatment. All first timers have to undergo this process regardless to ensure that we are doing what is necessary and never taking for granted the need of a medical professional opinion in Aesthetics.

Dr. Jonathan Yong and his Team 2
Get Your Prescription

Once the consult is finalized and the doctor has passed his medical advice, a patients relations manager will take over your case and work out an extensive treatment schedule for you. All questions and doubts can be clarified during this sitting.

Rest assured that there will be no hard-selling and all treatments suggested are derived from the consultation with the doctor.

Patient Undergoing Laser Treatment 3
It’s Treatment Time!

Once you are agreeable with the prescribed course of treatment, we can proceed with the plan. We will assist you in the scheduling of all procedures and consistently check-in pre and post-treatment to ensure that we’re on the right track. Our Whatsapp and clinic contact is available to text/ call through during our opening hours. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

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What Are Your Concerns?

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Take our questionnaire

Take Our Questionnaire

Allow us to understand you better before your consult with us.

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